At the Salutation, the celebrant turns by his right to face the congregation, and, parting his hands, he chants “The Lord be with you,” to which the congregation responds “And with thy spirit.” After “Let us pray,” he turns by his left back to the altar.

My variation: During this response all attendants gesture toward the celebrant by a slight bow and the parting of hands palm to palm as the hands are slightly extended toward the celebrant, with the hand nearest him being extended slightly more than the other. I am not sure of the authority of this gesture.


Father Eckardt said...

There has been considerable discussion to date of the replacement of "and with thy Spirit" with "and also with you." If memory serves, there is a version of this innovation even somewhere in SBH.

Venkman said...

Do you bow to the congregation at this point?

This is not to be understood as something we inherited from the Japanese or even something done in recognition of the so called "voter's assembly". Bowing at this point is bowing towards those who were created in the Image of God. Very similar to the kissing of an icon or crucifix.

-Fr Russell

Father Eckardt said...

In our practice here, the celebrant never bows toward the people, because Christ did not bow toward the multitudes.

Anonymous said...

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