At the Sanctus, all bow low from the waist, until “Heaven and earth are full of Thy glory.” At “Hosanna . . .” all stand erect. At “Blessed is He . . .” a slight bow is made, while all cross themselves. At the last triple “Hosanna,” all stand erect. During this, the celebrant uncovers all the elements, removing the cover from the large tray and placing it at his far right, removing the paten from the chalice and placing it back on the folded veil, and removing the purificator from atop the hosts, folding it, and returning it to the right side, beside the other purificator.

At low (i.e., spoken) Mass, the threefold repetition of "Blessed is He" and "Hosanna" is not necessary.

It is laudable that the organist slow the pace during "Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord."

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Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

My own study of the traditional Western rite leads me to conclude that it is most appropriate for the celebrant to bow profoundly from the triple Sanctus through "in excelsis," and for the people to kneel from the begining of the Sanctus, at least until after communion. I would also recommend that all make the sign of the cros at the Benedictus qui venit.

Fr. BF Eckardt, Editor-in-chief, Gottesdienst