Following the distribution, the Celebrant turns to the subdeacon for the ablutions. For the ablutions, the celebrant picks up the chalice with the middle, ring, and fifth fingers of each hand, so as to leave his index fingers and thumbs free to extend over the bowl of the chalice, and holds the chalice out toward the subdeacon, who is holding the water cruet. The subdeacon will pour water over his thumbs and forefingers into the chalice bowl. Then the celebrant sets the chalice on the altar and uses the altar's remaining clean purificator to dry his hands. Then he drinks the water in the chalice, thus taking the first ablution. Next, he receives the cruet in his right hand from the subdeacon and pours some water into the flagon. He gives the cruet back to the subdeacon, and pours the water from the flagon into the chalice, to take the second ablution. Then he takes the cruet again from the subdeacon and pours some water directly into the chalice (or to any other vessel that needs rinsing, such as an emptied cruet from the previous reservation), returns the cruet to the subdeacon, and takes the third ablution. Then he wipes the chalice clean, folding the purificator and placing it atop the chalice, with a clean side showing. He places the other altar purificator on top of that, and places the paten atop this, the pall atop the paten, and covers this with the veil. While he is doing this the deacon hands the flagon and spoon to the subdeacon, who delivers them to the server, who returns them to the credence; so also with the silver paten and empty cruet. The deacon also covers the ciborium and veils it and the cruet containing the sacred Species, as well as the cup tray, receiving an additional veil for it from the subdeacon, who has received it from the server. When the veiled chalice is ready, the deacon takes it as well. Then, without turning, he motions the congregation to stand for the Nunc Dimittis, during which he returns the Elements to the tabernacle, after deacon and subdeacon have returned to his right and left side respectively.

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Fr. BF Eckardt, Editor-in-chief, Gottesdienst