Post Distribution

Following the distribution, the celebrant then replaces any remaining hosts into the ciborium and replaces its cover and veil. This is assuming that elements are to be reserved in a tabernacle or other suitable place. Otherwise, all are consumed here or, with reverence, after Mass.

The celebrant then wipes any crumbs from the paten or patens into the chalice, using his right thumb. He drinks the remaining Species which is in the chalice. If, as may be the case with a large distribution, there is too much to consume at once, the reliquae may be left on the altar for consuming after the Mass, reverently, with the aid of others. It is unseemly that consecrated Elements ever be poured out on the ground or into a piscina, Piepkorn's allowance for this notwithstanding.

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Fr. BF Eckardt, Editor-in-chief, Gottesdienst