When the Celebrant has communed, he genuflects again, and, if there is a tabernacle, retrieves the Sacred Species for distribution. These should be distributed first.

The celebrant then gives Host in order of rank, and then Cup. Server retires to his place. Subdeacon stands at the altar to watch the Elements against flies, etc. The celebrant (Hosts) and deacon (Cup) distribute.

Only an ordained man should distribute the elements (AC XIV).

The preferred formula for distributing the Host is to hold it before the communicant (or sign him with it) while saying "The Body of Christ," then pausing slightly to give him the opportunity to say "Amen," thereupon continuing with "given for you," as the Host is placed on his tongue. Holding the Host between index finger and thumb of the right hand, the celebrant turns it toward the communicant's tongue with index fingernail facing upward.

For distributing the Chalice, the preferred formula is similarly, "The Blood of Christ . . . shed for you." The chalice is held in the right hand with the bottom three fingers wrapped around the knop, while the index and thumb are held together above it (the index and thumb are always held together after consecration and until the ablutions, except as needed for taking Hosts; this is to prevent the dropping of particle of the sacred Species).

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Fr. BF Eckardt, Editor-in-chief, Gottesdienst